Date: May 30, 2020
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These two publications not only contain specific contact information like who the Mine Managers are, who the Maintenance or Production Superintendents are and Logistics and Purchasing Departments, but also include Directors and Executive personnel listings.

In addition, further details covering annual production figures, mining methods, mining equipment, plant and processing equipment, types of processing, crushing & screening, product specifications and projects are also shown.

The data in the AGM and ACY is beneficial to both the Mining Industry and Supplier personnel as it contains all the contact information in one publication whether it be for the mines or the suppliers.

Australian General Mining Year Book (AGM)

The Australian General Mining Year Book (AGM) was introduced to cover the mining industry not specific to coal mining. The AGM like its ACY counterpart is the information directory for general mining including a section for the Quarry Industry.

Australian Coal Year Book (ACY)

The Australian Coal Year Book (ACY) is the information directory specific to coal mining including a section for projects and ports.

AMS CD ROM Electronic Product

An electronic version of the above publications in the form of a CD ROM is available as part of the double book package. The CD ROM is not available for sale as a single unit.